Sunday, September 28, 2014

Programming is symbols or a science

Hello ,
I'm very happy to post my first post to you , there is a very important issue i would like to talke about it ..

So let's start , developing in general depend on two basic skills concept and coding ,most of rich people have a loyalty to coding skill and this is due to tunnels on courses which are focus on "how to have a skill to develop by a specific programming language (i,e java , php  etc).

But concept skill has other lovers , people they are searching for concept  , they are searching for knowledge , idea and creativity,they are not only satisfied with specified programming language  tools they are look forward how it's working and how they can develop new tools.

Finally , if you want to learn programming you have to learn it as some symbols you can use to build an application , but you have to learn it  as a science , you can then have them together concept and codding skills .

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